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Ordering using cash sales
Ordering using cash sales

How to sell items using the cash sale feature.

Written by David Pisanick
Updated over a week ago

Customers can order without having an account. You do this using the Cash Sales feature. Cash sales always assumes a cash payment is made because there is no account to charge to. 

1.  Click the dollar sign. 

2. Select the applicable option.

Cash Sale Student: Use this for students.
Cash Sale Guest
: Use this for any other customer.

NOTE: Notice the cash sale customer is displayed in the queue.

3.  With the cash sale customer on the screen, select each item they order.

4.  Click Payment or Total

Payment: Use payment if payment is a check or if change is required. Click Payment, and enter the amount given. The change due is automatically calculated. Click Total, click Give Change, and then give the customer the change.

Total: Use total if the customer pays the exact total and no change is required.

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