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Searching for a customer
Searching for a customer

How to search for a customer account.

Written by David Pisanick
Updated over a week ago

If you need to search for a customer, you can do so using one of four criteria:

  • Pin/ID

  • Name

  • Homeroom

  • Grade

You can enter partial information, such as the first letters of a first or last name or the first few numbers of a Pin/ID, and the program quickly finds all matches.

TIP: The search option is a magnifying glass to the left of the Menu. To have the full search bar always visible, you can select the Search Always On option in settings. Go to Menu, click Settings, and on the POS Wizard- General Settings page, under POS options, select Search Always On.

  1. Select the criteria you want to use for your search. To search by name, click Name.

  2. In the search box, type all or part of the first or last name and click Search.

  3. Click the customer.

NOTE: The customer is added to the queue at the top left. The first few names are view-able, to see the entire queue, click the ellipsis.  

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