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FORMS Startup

This document will walk you through getting FORMS ready for a new school year.

Written by Kevin Gillmor
Updated over a week ago


The setup will be for old and new customers alike.

The startup will be for customers who have used the system during the last school year.


  • Go to  Admin--District Tab--FORMS Settings and follow the directions 

  • Returning customers will want to follow this link to make sure the director and administrator are current.

  • All customers will want to make sure the First Day of the Fiscal Year is for the current school year and the Carry over Expiration date has been calculated and entered correctly.

Startup for FORMS

  • Complete the FORMS Setup in Admin

  • Complete the following steps:

Import income guideline

  • Launch the FORMS program and login

  • Click on Database--Download/Import Income Guidelines

  • You should receive a message that it was successful and then an option to do the import

  • Select the Import button to import the new guidelines.

  • If you get a message that the income guidelines failed, They can be found at

  • Click on the FORMS Eligibility Guidelines and save them to your computer

  • Log into FORMS and click on Database and when you get the Import window, select the button with 3 dots on the right and find the file that needs imported. Double click on it to select it.

  • Select Import to update the income guidelines.

  • Click Income Guidelines and verify that they are current.

Returning Customers will want to run these routines

  • Database--New School Year

  • This routine should clean up old verification information and cleanup the system

  • Database--Flush Invalid Records

  • This should remove blank apps and also do some housekeeping.

Approval Denial letters

  • Letter templates for the letter designer can be located at, in the Letter templates for Letter Designer Section. 

  • Click on the letter and save it to your computer

  • Log into FORMS and click on Reports--Letter Designer

  • Income/Standard is highlighted in light blue.

  • Right click in the peach area and select Edit

  • Then select File--Load in top left corner.

  • Locate the approval denial letter you had saved on your computer and double click on it to insert it into the letter.

  • You can edit this letter as you would a word document.

  • Please do not edit what is in the brackets. These are keyword and pull in important information from the system.

  • Click the red x on the top right corner to save and close the letter.

  • You will see the letter in the peach area.

  • Click Save at the bottom to save the letter

  • Select another letter from the left and follow the same procedure.

  • You can follow this process to update the Disclaimer as well.

  • Select Close when you are ready to exit the letter designer

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