Has your database been updated?

Have the seniors been graduated out of the system?

Set the start and end dates in Admin

  • Login to Admin
  • Click on District to display the district name

Double click on your school district name to open up the details

  • Click on the FORMS Settings tab
  • Click on the button with 3 dots to the right of Administrator and/or director
  • This will give you a customer search screen
  • Search for the person who would have to go to court if an issue arose. If they are not in the database, you will have to add them.
  • Do the same for the director. This person will answer parent questions on an application.
  • Fillin the Title and phone number
  • Enter the First day of the fiscal year. We suggest July 1 of the new school year.
  • Enter the Carry over Status Expiration. This would be the 30th day of school excluding weekends and days off.
  • When the expiration date comes, you can run a routine to expire/set back to paid the applications that have not been updated.

Run FORMS Routines and Update income Guidelines

  • Log into FORMS
  • Click on Database and select the routines in the sequence below (1-3)
  • New School Year
  • Flush Invalid Records (these are cleanup routines)
  • Download and import income Guidelines
  • You should get a message that the download was successful. If you do not, Contact our office at 814-317-4400 option 2.
  • You will get an import screen with the path of the file needed. Click Import. You should get a message that the income guidelines have been updated.
  • Click on Income Guidelines (4) and view the current income guidelines.

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