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Make a payment

Explains the different ways to make a payment in the Point-of-Sale system.

Written by Kevin Gillmor
Updated over a week ago


The following steps describe how to make a payment during a POS sale.

  • When you select the payment button, a screen will appear.

  • If Auto Tender is turned on, the amount of the sale will be pre-populated as the payment amount.

  • If the payment amount is incorrect, enter the amount of the payment using the number keypad.

  • Select Cash or Check, then hit Total

  • If you selected Check, use the number keypad to enter the check number and hit Set.

  • If the payment is more than the sale, select Ala Carte to apply the change due to the students account. The Ala Carte account will allow the student to purchase anything from the menu.

  • Select Meal Plan only if the student is only allowed to purchase qualified breakfast and lunch with their money.

  • A 50/50 split will split the remainder between the ala carte and meal plan accounts.

  • No Give Changes would be selected if you are handing the change back to the student.

  • Cancel will cancel the payment.


The section assumes that you have already Logged into the POS and are cashed in.  Please read the following documentation if you need help with these steps before continuing.

  • <Link to Log into POS>

  • <Link to Syncing the POS>

  • <Link to Cashing in>

POS Payment without a sale

The following steps describe how to make a payment, without a sale, using the Point-of-Sale program.

  • Bring up a Customer account.

  • Search by Name

  • Enter Pin number

  • Click on Payment button

  • Click on Payment Type (ex. Cash, Check, or Credit)

  • Enter the Amount.

  • Click on Total.

  • If the payment type is a check, it will ask you for the check number. 

  • Select which account the payment should be applied.  (ex. Ala Carte, Meal Plan, Split 50/50).

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