Log into the Admin Program

  • Click on Schools to display the list of schools.

  • Double click on the appropriate school in which the sales need to be entered.

  • Select the Multiple Buy Tab to display this window.

  • Hit the drop down to select a grade, or Homeroom.

  • If you do not select a grade or homeroom, you will get an alphabetized list of the students in that school when you hit Select Students 

  • Select the dropdown arrow to the right of date to select the appropriate date.

  • Select the drop down to select a POS name.

  • Select the Qualified or Unqualified option for the category

  • Select the drop down arrow to the right of Menu Item and select the item

  • Hit Select Students and click the box to the left of the names of students who purchased the item selected.

  • Hit Finish at the bottom right of that screen when done. *If you skip this step, the Process Items button will be grayed out.

  • Process Items will now allow you to press it to complete the sale.  

  • When the sale has completed, you will receive a screen listing the students and will display Success to the right of their names. This confirms the sale was completed.

  • Select Ok when finished to exit the school options.

Rerun the reports for the dates of the sales entered.

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