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Cash in and Cash out Procedure
Cash in and Cash out Procedure

This section will walk you through logging and cashing into the point of sale to get started and cashing out to end the day.

Written by Kevin Gillmor
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Cash In

  • Double click on the FSS POS Icon on the desktop

  • Login with your username and password and click OK

  • Click the Sync button to pull down/send up information from the POS to the server/Admin.This will update the POS with any new balances and/or menu item changes.

  • Select OK to begin the sync 

  • If you are updating or adding pictures, click Pictures - Off. This will turn the feature on and add or update student photos.

  • When the sync is completed, this window will disappear.

  • Select Cash In  

  • You will receive a screen which allows you to enter each denomination of money which is in your drawer for startup. 

  • These amounts can be entered by selecting the appropriate box and typing in the value. Then click the tab key or click on the next box, or

  • by using the number keypad on the right. enter the value by amounts or counts.

  • When using Amounts, select the coin or dollar box and use the number pad on the right to select the amount you have and then select Set.

  • Selecting Set will move the value into the appropriate space and add the value to the cash in total.

  • When using Counts, select the coin or dollar box and count how many you have. Enter the value using the number keypad and select Set.

  • Select OK to complete the cash in procedure.

Cash Out

After you have completed all sales, select 'Cash Out'

  • Enter each denomination by using the keyboard or number keypad.  

  • The values will appear in the closing side, and you will be able to see what was entered when you cashed in, as well.

  • Add up the checks and enter the total in the space to the right of Checks.

  • The Change section is for a value that is not listed. (example, $2, $50 or $100 bill)

  • You will be able to select the Statistics button to see what is expected by the cashier for the current session. It will appear as displayed here.  *This should not be used to determine your cash out amount. You should always count what is in your drawer and enter that amount.

  • Once the total equals the amount that you have, select OK to complete the cash out.

  • If the cash out is over or short the amount of money the system is expecting, you will receive a message.

  • A value in Parenthesis indicates a negative.

  • If you hit Yes, the cash out will be completed.

  • If you hit No, you will remain in the cash out screen.

  • Recount your money to make sure there was not a mistake.

  • Hitting Cancel in the cash out screen will take you back to the main screen for POS sales.

  • After the cash out procedure has been completed, click Sync to make sure all orders are sent to the server.

  • After thesync has completed, click Log Out.

  • Click Exit to close the POS program.

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