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Startup/New School Year
Startup/New School Year

This section will cover what is needed to update your system for a new school year.

Written by Kevin Gillmor
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We will need access to the server to update the students.

Make sure you have run the Graduate Senior routine

Update your Database

Student Data File

  • The student data file should be pulled from the student management system and save in CSV format

  • The file must contain these fields:

  • Student Id number

  • Student pin number

  • Student last name

  • Student first name

  • If you have multiple schools, this needs to be included in this file as well.

  • In order to update the student records for the new school year the file should also contain:

  • Grade

  • Homeroom

  • These Fields are optional:

  • Street Address    

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Phone

  • E-mail Address

  • Free, reduced or paid lunch type

Import the file

1) Data Sentinel

  • If you have the data sentinel running on the server, put the file in place and make sure you have the FSS Data Sentinel service running.

  • If you are not sure where to place the file, Follow these steps:

  • Go to the FSS folder, usually on the C drive, and double click on it to open 

  • Locate and double click on the Data Sentinel folder.

  • Within this folder is the DataSentinel.exe. which is the executable for the data sentinel. Double click on it to launch the program and there you will see the path for the import file.


2) Manual import

  • Contact us to schedule an import of the data file

  • We will need access to your server

  • You will need to be logged in with Administrative rights

  • Call 814-317-4400 option 2 or e-mail


3) Rollover

  • A rollover will move the students from one grade to the next

  • This will not update homeroom assignments

  • We will need access to the server to run this back office routine.

  • There is no reason to provide a file if this method is used

  • Call us at 814-317-4400 Option 2 or e-mail support  at

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