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Setting up a District
Setting up a District

This section outlines the procedure for setting up a district in FSS Admin.

Written by Kevin Gillmor
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  • Log in to the FSS Admin site.

  • Click Settings > Districts.

  • Click 'Add New District'.

- Enter all necessary information in the following fields (* denotes a required field):

District Name*

Street Address






Tax Information     

  • For each type of customer account for which taxes are applicable, check the box next to the account type.

School Year 

  • Enter the start and end dates for the current (or upcoming) school year.

  • This does not have to be filled out. If no dates are entered, the system will set these dates to the default values (July 1 through June 30 of the following year).

District Director and Admin 

* This section cannot be completed until the district director and/or district admin have been created as customers in the system. However, these fields are not required. Customer creation will be covered in a separate section.

  • Once the district director and admin have been created as customers, you can use the drop-down menu to select them.

  • The Director is typically the food service director for the district.

  • The Admin is an administrator who has higher authority than the food service director. This is typically a superintendent, business manager, director of nutrition, etc.

  • These fields are designed for use with our upcoming letter editor feature.

Bank Info 

* This section is optional. If this information is entered, it can then be printed onto a deposit ticket.

  • Enter the following information if you'd like to utilize this section.

Bank Name

Bank Address




Routing Number

Account Number

  • Click 'Save' when finished configuring the district details.

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