Security Levels

This section will explain how to limit the rights of some user in the system.

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  • Log into admin

  • Click on Securities

To add a new security group

  • Click New at the bottom

  • Give the group a name, ex. Cashier

  • A cashier needs the ability to generate sales and payments. To allow a cashier to do this, you need to select the following options.

  • To the right of Orders, select Can View, Can Edit, Can Insert and Can Delete

  • If you do not want the cashier to be able to search for a student/customer, Uncheck Can View to the right of Orders

  • If you do not want the cashier to be able to Void, Uncheck Can Edit

  • If you do not want a cashier to be able to Override a low balance warning, Uncheck Can Insert.

  • To the right of POS, select all 4 options

  • If you do not want the user to be able to edit the POS properties, uncheck Can Edit to the right of POS.

  • Check, Can View, to the right of reports if the user needs to run Reports.

  • As you add options to the security level, you give the user more rights to make changes in Admin.

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