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School Options

This section will explain the uses of the School tabs

Written by Kevin Gillmor
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The School should already be created.

Log into the Admin Program

Click on Schools and double click on a school

Click on the Options Tab


  • This is where you set the low account balance limit. When a student goes below this limit, a low balance warning message will pop up on the screen to notify the cashier.

School Functions

  • Beginning Balances allows you to enter the students balances going into this new system.

  • Graduate Seniors gives you the ability to deactivate a whole grade of students and zero out their accounts, all at one time.

  • Cards and Labels give you the ability to created barcode cards or label to stick on a card.

School Settings

Pin Options

  • If the pin number on your id cards do not match what is in the database, due to leading zeros, select the Do Pin Prefix and set the PIN length to the number of digit your pins are made up of in the database.

  • Do Photo Logging should be selected if you imported pictures and you want them to show up on the POS

  • Do Finger Printing should be selected if you are using biometrics.

  • Remove Leading Zeros should be selected if you need the system to ignore the leading zeros when they scan a card that has leading zeros, while the pins in your database do not.

  • Severe Need School should be selected if the school is a severe need school. This is needed for reporting.

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