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Letter Designer

The letter designer allows you to create a letter, conveying a message of your choice, and doing a mail merge within admin.

Written by Kevin Gillmor
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Have the Director and Administrator defined in the District Details.

Have the District and School address and phone number filled in.

Log into Admin and select Reports-->Letter Designer

Warning Letters

  • You can design as many warning letters as needed. The General Warning letter can be generated for students of your choosing based on a balance or selected criteria.

  • The Warning Letter 1-6 will generate based on the settings in the district tab.

Notification Letters

  • You can design any of these letters to convey a message to your parents. The message does not necessarily have to be related to the letter name.

Design your letter

  • Select the letter, on the left, that you would like to design

  • Use the keywords on the right to personalize the letter with the students information and the location.As you type in the letter and you get to a position where you would like to use a keyword, double click on it and it will be inserted where you stopped typing.

  • Type in the message and put the keywords in place

  • If you right click on the screen, it will bring up a larger view of the letter and you can make adjustments as you would in a word document. 

  • When you have completed the letter, select Save.

Rename Letter 

  • Right click on the tab indicating the letter name and you will receive options to set the letter as Active, Rename Letter, New Letter, and Delete Letter

  • Select Rename Letter and you will receive a screen to allow you to do so.

Create a new letter

  • Right click on the current letter name and select New Letter

  • Enter the name of your new letter and continue to design it. 

  • Select Save when you are done

Set a Letter as Active

  • If you have multiple letters, right click on the letter that you would like to generate and select Set as Active Letter

  • Select Save when finished


  • The box at the bottom allows you to enter a disclaimer which will appear on  any letter generated from this section.

**Note: We do have some letter templates on our download page at

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