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This section will describe the tabs within the District

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Logging into the system

Create a District

District Details Letters Tab

  • The Letters tab gives you the ability to setup the rules for how and when you want your warning letters to print.

  • The Account limit to Reach to Reset customer's letters is the value that will prompt the letter to generate for a customer

  • Apply rule when account goes toward the good is telling the system what to do if the account goes toward the positive since the letters were last run. You can select the option that works best for you.

  • Nothing means they will get the next letter in the rotation even if there was a payment made.

  • Stay at Current letter means they will get the same letter if they make a payment.

  • Reset to First means the first letter will be sent if the customer made a payment.

  • Max Letter is the number of letters you have available for use.

  • Warning Letters---------Number of Days before sending letters Will define how many days should have past before the customer will receive the next letter in the rotation

  • Enter the number of days the account can remain negative since the last letter, before they should get the next letter.

  • For Letter one, enter the number of days the account can be negative. I would start with 1 and but my minimum value as the Account Limit.

  • If you run the letters weekly, you can put 5 or 7 for each consecutive letter.

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