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Customer Account Tabs
Customer Account Tabs

This section will walk you through each tab of a customer account.

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  • District

  • School


  • Meal Plan

  • Language

  • Ethnicity

  • Grade

  • Homeroom


Customer Details

General Tab


  • Enter the student/customer's Last Name*.Enter the student/customer's First Name*.The middle name, date of birth, gender, and SSN are optional fields.


  • Enter the student/customers User ID*. This should match the number which is used in your school management system. It must be unique.The PIN* can be the same as the User ID. It can also be auto-generated when the data import is done, or you can choose your own pattern. The PIN must be unique and is used by the student/customer to access his or her account at the POS.Click on the button with 3 dots to select the School/Location* to which the student/customer should be assigned.The District* will automatically fill in upon selecting the school/location.


  • The Student box is checked by default, but if the account is for a teacher or adult, uncheck this box.If the student is part of a Snack Program, check the appropriate box.If the student is a Student Worker, select this option.The Active box is checked by default, but if a student/customer leaves the district, uncheck this option in order to deactivate the account.If you are using biometrics and the student/customer has opted out, select Don't Store Biometrics.If the student/customer has been finger imaged with biometrics; No Biometrics should change to Biometrics Data Present.



  • Complete the Address, City, State and Zip fields if applicable.Enter the Phone number if neededEnter the E-mail address if needed.


  • This section is used for information which can be made available for the cashier when the student's account is displayed at the POS terminal. It is mainly used for allergies.


  • This tab allows you to view the customer's picture. Pictures can either be imported or can be added manually.

  • Select Add and browse to the picture you would like to attach to the account.

  • Click OK to save the changes.

Customer Info


Lunch Type

  • Select the appropriate meal status for your national school lunch program student.

Meal Plan Info

  • This is mainly used by colleges to select the meal plan to which the student is assigned.


  • Allow Ala Carte is checked by default. If you have a student that is not allowed to purchase a la carte items, click to uncheck this option. The cashier will receive a message at the POS terminal when the account is displayed which notifies them that a la carte is not allowed.

  • Cash Only is unchecked by default. If you need to block a customer from using his or her account to purchase items, select this option.


  • Language allows you to click on the button with 3 dots to select the student language.

  • Ethnicity allows you to select the appropriate ethnicity.Grade allows you to assign a grade.Homeroom allows you to select a homeroom assignment.

  • Select Not in District (FSS AutoImport Only) if using the auto import feature to update students nightly and this student is not in that file.


  • The Locations tab supplies you a list of all locations within your district. If a student is able to eat at multiple locations, you may select the locations from this list.

  • Select the school on the left and click the arrow to move it to the right.

  • The student's primary school assignment is not listed, because it was assigned in the General Tab.

  • Click OK to save changes and exit the customer account.



  • Displays the Meal Plan Balance. This is the balance for the qualified meals in the national school lunch program.

  • Ala Carte Balance is the balance for any and all purchases, other than qualified meals.Total Balance is a combined total of both the a la carte and meal plan accounts. *Parentheses indicate a negative balance.

  • Adjustment - How to apply an adjustment

  • Payments - How to make a payment


  • The Orders section will display the cashier's name, the order date, and details of each transaction.

  • If a check payment was entered, the check number will also be displayed.

  • Void Order allows you to void the entire order - How to void an item

  • Void Items will allow you to void an individual item from a transaction.

  • Select Date Range allows you to minimize your view of the activity for selected dates or a particular date. 


  • Displays the Items in the selected order.

  • The Activity can be printed out by generating a statement in the Customer Report section.


  • The Balance Tab displays the account balance broken down by Meal Plan and Ala Carte.

  • It also gives you the ability to move the balance between the two accounts by clicking the red arrows to the right of the balances.

  • After you move the balance, Select Save to Save the changes you made.

  • If it doesn't seem to work, Select Retry.

  • Select Recalculate Account to recalculate the account for a particular time period. (insert link)


  • The log displays pertinent information about changes made to the account throughout the years.

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