Beginning Balances

This section will direct you on entering balances which need to be carried over into the FSS System.

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Student accounts must be created

  • Login to Admin.

  • Click on Schools on the left.

  • Double click on a school from the list.

  • Click on the Options tab.

  • Click on 'Beginning Balances'.

  • Enter the value into the A la Carte Plan column.If the money is placed into the a la carte account, the student is able to use it to purchase anything from the menu.If the money is placed into the meal plan account, it can only be used to purchase qualified meals.Use a (-) for negative balances. Example: -2.00

  • Once you have entered all the balances, click on Save Payments to save these values to the accounts.

  • You will receive a prompt reminding you of these changes. Click Yes to continue.

  • You will then receive a message that says Processing Complete when the balances have been added. Click OK.

  • Select Close to exit this window and return to the school Options screen.

  • Select OK or Cancel to exit the school options.

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