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Barcode Cards

This section will explain the process for generating barcode cards from Admin.

Written by Kevin Gillmor
Updated over a week ago


All students should have an account in the system.

  • FSS can import the students if you provide a csv file, or they can be created manually.

Log into Admin and click Schools.

  • Select a school by double clicking on the name.

  • Click the Options tab to display the window pictured to the right.

  • Click Cards and Labels to display the ID Cards and Labels screen.

  • Select the Print Card box for all who need an ID card.These barcodes are generated based on the students' PIN numbers.Cards can be printed by selecting an individual grade or homeroom, as well.

  • Select Print ID Cards.This will display a screen asking if you want to include PINs on the cards. Select Yes or No.The next message will ask if you are printing Plastic ID Cards with a P310 card printer. If you purchased this printer from us and are printing cards, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.

  • The Output Options will pop up and you can chose to preview this report or print the cards or report.

The Output Options will come up and you can choose to preview or print the cards or report.

  • When you preview the report without a card printer, you will get something like the picture to the right.

  • These are ID cards without a PIN.

  • If you selected to add the PIN, it would appear between the student's name and the grade.

  • These cards can be printed on card stock, laminated and used with a barcode gun scanner.

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