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Adjusting an Account
Adjusting an Account

Add in a credit or deducting a particular value from an account.

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  • Open Customer's account and go to the Activity Tab

  • Click on the Adjustment Button to display another screen.Enter the value you would like to add to the account as a regular dollar value. Ex. 2.00 as pictured on the right.Enter a comment and click OK to save your changes.The adjustment will show in the activity of the customer account

  • To do a negative Adjustment and remove money from the account Click the Adjustment button and enter a value with a minus (-) in front of the value. Ex. -4.00 as pictured to the right Enter a comment and select OK to save the changes.The adjustment will be listed in the customers account activity.

* Adjustments are made to give money back to someone if you need to void something in their account that occurred over 30 days ago.

*Adjustments are also done to remove money from an account if a check had bounced and you cannot void the payment because it was over 30 days ago.

*Adjustments will not affect your deposit for the day.

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